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"I had new york strip steaks and hamburgers and they are great!"
Jereme D.

Dry Aged All-Natural Beef

Dry Aged Prime Beef  

A high quality of beef, USDA Choice is the most common grade sold in retail venues. Our Choice meat cuts are dry aged, giving them the same distinct advantage as Prime.
Choice cuts contain less marbling than Prime Grade resulting in a lower fat to lean ratio. Choice meat from the loin and rib can be flavorful and is suited to dry-heat cooking. Less tender cuts from the rump, round, and blade chuck can also be prepared with a dry heat source.

* All items vary slightly in size and weight.
Items that are priced per pound will appear with an estimated price.

The photograph is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict the actual product.  The actual product may not resemble the product in the picture in size, texture, marinade, rub, side dishes, accompaniments or any other manner, unless explicitly stated in the product's description.

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