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"We were so spoiled when I could just pop into PrimeTime, Woodbury every day for the best steaks/ribs/poultry anywhere. BUT the move north hasn\'t stopped me...I stock up each month \'cause nothing tastes quite as good Prime Time food. Thank you for years of perfection."
Linda .


Dry Aged Prime Beef  

Our Certified Pork is juicy, well marbled and full of flavor. An excellent low fat and cholesterol alternative to beef.

Hot Italian Sausage

* All items vary slightly in size and weight.
Items that are priced per pound will appear with an estimated price.

The photograph is for illustrative purposes only and does not depict the actual product.  The actual product may not resemble the product in the picture in size, texture, marinade, rub, side dishes, accompaniments or any other manner, unless explicitly stated in the product's description.

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